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Mockingjay pin fire

January 2012



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Jan. 17th, 2012


The Hunger Games!!!!!!!

Please vote for the hunger games at http://www.virginmedia.com/movies/awards/2012-most-wanted.php! Don't let twilight win!!! The hunger games needs more supporters because its an amazing book and I'm tired of seeing twilight win everything. So please go vote for the hunger games!

P.S. Can't wait till march 23rd!!

Nov. 21st, 2008

Mockingjay pin fire

Twilight texting vampireS


May. 25th, 2008

Mockingjay pin fire

(no subject)

Poll #1193714 To see or not to see?

What movie are you planning on seeing?

Twilight most definitely!!
Harry Potter. What else?
Must I choose? I luv them both!

Apr. 18th, 2008

Mockingjay pin fire

Creative Moment

Don't judge me by who I was or who I will be,
But by who I am right now.

Don't judge me by the clothes I wear on my body,
But by the expressions I wear on my face.

Don't judge me by how many friends I have, 
But by the friends I choose.

Don't judge me by the color of my skin,
But by the color of my personality.

Don't judge me by how I speak,
But by what I listen to and what I hear.

Don't judge me by my eyes,
But by how my eyes look onto the world. 

In fact, don't judge me at all, 
Because if you judge me,
Then you are comparing me to you,
And I am not you.
I reflect you,
But I am not you.
If you stop judging me and take time to really see me,
Then you may find,
That you love me for who I am.  
~ Jen Barnes 
Mockingjay pin fire

Bored out o' my mind

 TGIF. OMG. Is it me or has today dragged on forever?!?!?! I just have to say, this enrty isn't exciting like a first entry should be. Anywayz, I'm still kinda new to this whole "Post an entry and wait for people to reply" thing. lol.  
So excuse my ranting...

Here's a lil bit about me! I like to hangout with friends, write, (your looking at the next JK Rowling) not really, but still. I like donuts *yum* and obsessing over the twilight series. I Luv Jacob Black!! *Fangurl sqeeee*  
I'm a really nice person who just likes to chill and have fun. My friends would describe me as shy, calm, generous, nice.
           Feel free to add me to your friends page. If your some deranged lunatic/rapist/serial killer...GET OUT NOW!!!
...and my friends call me nice...lol